Digital transformation is entering a new period. Companies are working to harness the power of digital information and technologies to improve business performance. Digital leaders are now looking to rapidly scale their efforts; drawing power from new digital service platforms and deeper incorporation of enterprise processes that enable and transform their businesses. Understanding four key characteristics of your data are vital to enhance the digital platform and your business:

Data Inertia

As the amount of data increases, for the most part, data generated by consumers; that data is more challenging and costly to move around.

Data Gravity

More data attracts more users and hence more handing out. In the future, these 'customers' will demand new sources of calculating the power that is closer to the data.

Data Decay

The data value can decline and decays rapidly over time hence why it must be processed quickly, often as soon as it is produced.In addition to this, it requires localized computer competencies.Furthermore, data that is no longer valuable can be archived in the less costly substructure.


Data Location

Data must be protected, in motion and at rest, no matter where it is placed. In terms of the physics of networking, distance always plays a part in pure physics restraints. In terms of protocols, there are restrictions on moving data across borders. So, in those cases, data must be processed locally, and derivatives of that data can be gathered and sent to a more centralized location for analysis that leads to critical business insights.

Service Offerings

Our digital platforms increase interior and exterior connectivity, and they reduce data complications through analysis, generalization, and automation. This increases data predictability; ensuring that data is accurate, accessible and actionable..