Digital Transformation, the phenomena

I think we often perceived the future wrongly for what it is.We imagine, it’s a place invented by scientist and technologist however in real, it is quite simple.

Business leaders and organizations around the world are in the race of digitization.For me Digital Transformation is not about technology,in fact the least important part of the concept is the word digital.Basically, DT is the active reimagining of our organization from the perspective of the new generation, who have grown up and surrounded by sophisticated smart phone technologies.

Impacts on Generation

Who would have thought the impacts of sharing smart devices with the kids will work so perfectly. Because the moment when you handed that device to your young child, you have started the process of neurologically remapping the entire structure in their mind. It has completely changed the way they communicate and interact with people, their opinion on how they see the world, the way they frame reality in mind, all of that was reshaped in that moment. We need to understand and prepare from now, the expected implications this world will have, as this generations gets older, joins the workforce, become consumers and start making decisions.

Be Ready for Future

Every business in future will be a data driven business. There is almost no category of business that would not be transformed by this digital revolution, so we have to prepare our people to think and understand and work in this way.

Our customers are changing…Our competitors are circling…Our employees are evolving. Digital transformation is more than just budgeting for new technologies. The future is not an upgrade on the present, it is an invitation to think in an entirely different way. To succeed in the future, you have to re-imagine your entire customer experience from the perspective of a new connected generation. Transformation requires an entirely new mindset, a culture of collaboration and a willingness to encourage dangerous ideas.

Change from Now

We are moving into a new world. A world where business itself will be forced to change by new generation. Our kids who are growing up in the world dominating by smart phones,they are leaving this challenge to all of us now to rethink that why we do business.

So please just do that; Think Big… Think New… But Most Importantly Think Quick…

Because it is one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty and it is this… THE FUTURE IS NOW…

Thank you very much


Mr. Imad Siddiqui