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Assimilating services, processes, requests and infrastructure, maximizes your agility and approachability by leveraging a cloudbased ecosystem of solutions and our unique Global Enterprise. Business process management is dedicated to improving the business process by analyzing, designing, executing, and continuously improving administrative processes. While early contributions were concentrating on the redesign of single procedures, existing research calls for a more complete view on the management of organizational processes.

Goals for business process management

The goal of the business process management is to reach the highest level of satisfaction of customers, the quality of the product itself, the delivery and the time to market (TTM).

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Frame your workflows and assimilate with our workflow automation software development. Our powerful business workflow automation with a low-code development platform that works across your departments utilizing K2 and Nintex to improve efficiency and diminish time & cost. Workflow binds your business processes and their proficiency with the ability of K2’s without code process automation platform. Our goal-oriented team of developers builds visual workflows using drag-and-drop functionality that enables your enterprise to install automated processes in days rather than weeks or months. Our K2’s avant-garde platform delivers the easy-peasy accessibility & control over out of the box smart headed apps, empower the collaborations with the on-demand scale into real-time engagement metrics.

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Corporate Performance Management refers to a tool used by establishments to articulate structural strategies through prearranged methodologies, data analysis, processing and reporting to monitor and manage the enactment of an enterprise. In other words, Corporate Performance Management helps organizations use recognized and tested methods and processes to expand their business management.

Over the years, we have worked with many different Corporate Performance Management systems to help businesses streamline operations and accomplish their goals. At Evolligence, we're focused on bringing clients into the future with cloud established software and up to date processes.

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Enterprise Architect is the ideal platform to help you to stay in control of your workspace, support your colleagues and team, assist collaboration and build self-assurance. It helps organizations in most complicated projects by integrating and connecting a wide range of operational and behavioral information in visual form, you can build a logical, verifiable model of what-is or what-willbe.

Tools built into Enterprise Architect that help you manage intricacy for modeling strategic and business level concepts for business analysts, software architects, developers, project managers, testers, roll-out and support staff. Shared models can be gain access to easily and securely by remote team members with Enterprise Architect.

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When companies implement big data into their risk management efforts, they are better able to pinpoint risks that could potentially outbreak the company. Risk management brings support for attempts to gain better control over a project when it comes to time, cost, quality, scope, and organization. It can help to promote the progress of the activities within a project, instills confidence in the project, promote communication within the project and support the decision-making process within a project. IT stability can be exposed by more than just a cyber-attack. When it comes to risk minimization, IT needs to be professionally managed to ensure applicable defiance, an arrangement to a business stability plan and reduced discovery to third party risks. And all of this required to happen on an enterprise-wide basis.

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We have been a reformer in audit management for many years, progressing and adapting technology and methodology to our customers’ altering business environment. Audit Management, a solution on the Evolligence platform, builds upon our history and knowledge of delivering market-leading audit management tools to provide much needed adaptability and tractability for your ever changing business landscape.Audit Management provides collaborative electronic work papers, permitting your audit teams to maintain configuration to their work, but with the freedom to apply creative and rational thinking when presented with evolving risks, new business development, and other activities outside routine processes.

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Integrated Mobility Platforms (IMPs) are a key solution to urban traffic management. By integrating different modes of transport, IMPs drastically simplify route planning and make traveling more efficient, while being able to provide highly customer-tailored solutions.